Thank you IPCC

These facts and figures from the IPCC process struck me:

3000: The number of nominations received by the IPCC for authors

831: The number of  lead authors across the 3 reports (259 for WG1), 60% of these new to IPCC

9200: The number of scientific publications from which material was examined, 2/3rds of which had been published since 2007 (the last IPCC report)

54677: The number of review comments received from 1089 Expert Reviewers from 55 countries

6 in 52: the number of hours sleep the IPCC WG1 co-chair Tom Stocker has had recently

I know from the many colleagues that I know who have been involved in the IPCC, what an interesting but challenging and tiring process it is. For this dedication and commitment I salute and thank you all. Now it’s my job as a  climate scientist to go forward and improve our understanding and prediction of climate still further.





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