Climate poetry

In honour of National Poetry Day and inspired by the Royal Society meeting on “Next Steps in Climate” here is my rather un-sophisticated summary of the meeting in poem form.

The climate is a-changing

We observe that it is so

Surface temperatures are rising

AND there is less of ice and snow

We climate scientist are (95%) confident

That human emissions are involved

But there is still room for further study

Some puzzles remain unsolved

Aerosols and fluffy cloud

Deep ocean heat uptake too

Need more obs and better models

I accept the challenge. Do you?

11 thoughts on “Climate poetry

  1. Climate Scientists postulate,
    The world is warming. It’s too late
    To save mankind.
    We’ve been so blind.
    Cut CO2
    Is the only view.
    Our models told us to.

    But AR5
    Comes alive.
    The IPCC
    Removes the “C”.
    It’s unlikely
    Temps get spikey
    We’ve exaggerated “slightly”

    Atlantic MOC collapse, very unlikely
    Ice sheet collapse, exceptionally unlikely
    Methane release, very unlikely
    No summer Arctic ice, likely
    Permafrost carbon release, low confidence
    Tropical forest dieback, low confidence
    Confidence in IPCC, 95% no confidence

    Because, you see,
    Climate sensitivity
    Is low, not high
    So it’s IPCC bye bye
    Because they’ve said
    Scary projections dead
    Table 12.4, perhaps you’ve read?

    Mango (somebody else who should stick to the day job 😉 )

      • Also, it’s not just the extreme and abrupt changes that you refer to that are important. The climate response to an increase in the energy being kept in the planetary system due to increased greenhouse gases is more pervasive than that. Increases in rainfall events, heatwaves, melting glaciers, and sea level all have the potential to disrupt our lives. This is what we do have confidence in.

      • Thanks Barry, and of course I have seen that table. In my poem I don’t refer to any of those rapid or abrupt events that we have lower confidence in. I stick to the high confidence statements.

      • Ellie,

        Could you cite the evidence that shows CO2 is responsible for the your list of weather events?


      • I should add that I do accept CO2 is a GHG and has the ability to raise temperatures

  2. In my poem I don’t cite any weather events. We have always been less confident in these. I refer you to the discussions in the full IPCC report which clearly states the medium to low confidence.

    • Ellie,

      In my poem I don’t cite any weather events

      but in your response you do

      Increases in rainfall events, heatwaves, melting glaciers

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  4. CAGW floated my boat
    As part of a mighty flotilla
    But as weather turns out year after year
    Our ideas keep looking sillier

    Our critics can gloat
    And there is not a scintilla
    Of doubt or of faith or of fear
    As they laugh at our would-be Godzilla

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